Process Name : Post Audio | Process Code: PF22

Input Fields

Action = Submit Form

Validate Fields:

  • Check if Audio Link gets call back from Soundcloud if yes than generate preview with title
  • User has added at-least one keyword and maximum of three keyword hashtags
  • Caption or comment is not compulsory
  • online

Check Cases

If Success

If Failure to validate fields

  • Warn user or provide him option to cancel audio post upload

Collect Analytics:

  • Post Created Count (Overall/User wise)
  • Keyword (Hashtag) usage count on social posts
  • Soundcloud link count

Universal Analytics:

Applicable (IP Address / Country / City / Gender / Browser / OS / Device)

Input Pages

  • SM4 – Forms (Audio/ Blog/ Video/ Images)

Output Pages or Popups

  • Social Wall
  • Personal wall
  • Audio Post Card / Popup / Page ?buy pamelor Cheap