Process Name : Signup | Process Code: PF1

Input Fields

Action = On Click Submit

Validate Fields:

  • Email ( Check If email is existing )
  • Check if account handle is unique or not
  • Account Handle (@account)
  • Password ( Check if matching )
  • Referral Code ( Check if referral ID is invalid)
  • Check if email blocked
  • Captcha
  • IP blocked

Order Check Cases

If Success without Referral code

  • Generate and Send Email Verification Link, store analytics, Generate Log

If Success with Referral Code

  • Generate and send email verification link,  Store Ref ID,  store analytics Generate Log

If Failure to validate fields

  • Email Exists / Email blocked / Password Mismatch / Captcha / Invalid Ref ID / IP Blocked / account handle unique or not
  • Redirect to default signup page and Display Error message, Generate Log

Collect Analytics:

  • Signup Success/Failure Count

Universal Analytics:

Applicable (IP Address / Country / City / Gender / Browser / OS / Device)

Input Pages

GP2 Signup page

NU2 –  Signup Pop-up

Output Pages or Messages

GP3 – Signup Failure Page

GP2 – Signup Page (Signup Success Message)