General Pages

GP1 Landing Page (Pre-Login)
GP2 Signup Page
GP3 Signup Failure Page
GP4 Login Page
GP5 Login Failure Page
GP6 Email Verification Success Page
GP7 Email Verification Failure Page
GP8 Forgot Password Page
GP9 Post Login Announcement & Messages Page
GP10 Reset Password Page
GP11 First Time Login Page
GP12 Resend Activation Link Page


HD1 Pre Login
HD1 Logo
HD1 Login
HD1 Keyword Analytics Search
HD1 App Market Drop Down
HD1 Menu (Network Stats/ Keyword Market/ App Market/ Social)
HD2 Post Login
HD2 Logo
HD2 Account Balance
HD2 Pending Interactions
HD2 social mode/ Search mode Button
HD2 Notifications Drop Down
HD2 Notifications Drop Down
HD2 Keyword Analytics Search
HD2 App Market Drop Down
HD2 Menu (User Account/IT$ Wallet/Referral Zone/Keyword Market/Network Stats/App Market/Support Center)
HD2 Notifications
HD2 Notifications Page ( Filters : Time , Wallet, Search, Social, Keyword, Settings)


NT1 Notifications Page ( Filters : Time , Wallet, Search, Social, Keyword, Settings)
NT2 Search Result Page


SC1 Google Landing Page
SC2 Google Results Page
SC3 Youtube Landing Page
SC4 Youtube Results Page
SC5 Bing Landing Page
SC6 Bing Results Page
SC7 ST News Landing Page
SC8 ST News Results Page
SC9 Amazon Landing Page
SC10 Amazon Results Page
SC11 Daily Motion Landing Page
SC12 Daily Motion Results Page
SC13 Flipkart Landing Page
SC14 Flipkart Results Page
SC15 Duck Duck Go Landing Page
SC16 Duck Duck Go Results Page
SC17 Block Explorer Landing Page
SC18 Block Explorer Results Page

Social Media

Pills Purchase

SM1 Card pages (Audio/ Blog/ Images/ Video/ Post Header/ Post footer)
SM2 Comment Box (Card box/ Page box)
SM3 Follow Tabs (Followers/ Following/ Suggested)
SM4 Forms (Audio/ Blog/ Video/ Images)
SM5 Keyword (Followed/ keyword analytics/ Keyword dropdown)
SM6 Other person’s wall
SM7 Pop Up (Edit Profile/ Report/ Share)
SM8 Post Dropdown (Private/ Public)
SM9 Public Wall
SM10 Private Wall
PW1 Header
PW2 Profile
PW3 Suggested profile
PW4 Followed keyword
PW5 Ad banner
PW6 Text ads
PW7 Share box
PW8 Video card
PW9 Image card
PW10 Blog card
PW11 Audio card
PW12 Blog Without Image card
PW13 Status
PW14 Post Ad banner
PW15 Post header and footer
PW16 Sponsored ad
PW17 Search bar
PW18 Keywords trends
PW19 Blog trends
PW20 Trending keywords
PW21 Popular videos
PW22 Popular audios
PW23 Popular images

User Account online

UA1 Default Page (Balance / Consolidated Earnings Stat Boxes)
UA2 Search Earning Page (History & Analytics)
UA3 Post view Earnings Page (History & Analytics)
UA4 Post Earnings Page (History & Analytics)
UA5 Owned Keywords Earnings Page (History & Analytics)
UA6 Trading Earnings Page (Bids/ Asks/ Trades) (History & Analytics)
UA7 Referral Earnings Page (History & Analytics)
UA8 App Earnings Page (History & Analytics)


WT1 Landing Page (Balance/ Latest Transactions)
WT2 Send IT$ Page
WT3 Send IT$ Email verification Page
WT4 Receive IT$ Page
WT5 Contacts Management Page (Add/Remove/Edit/Followers/Following)
WT6 Purchase IT$ Page (USD-Paypal / Bitcoin-Bitgo)
WT7 Sell IT$ Page (USD/Bitcoin)
WT8 Transactions History Page (Filters)
WT9 Post payment page (Paypal/ Bitgo)
WT10 Dialog Boxes ( Contact Editor / 2FA)

Referral Zone


RZ1 Main Page ( Ref Code/ Search Earning/ Post Earning/ KW Sale Earning/ Referred Users )
RZ2 Refferal Banners Page
RZ3 Refferal Email System Page
RZ4 Transactions Page

Keyword Market

KM1 Index Page( KW search/ stats / Trading & Performance Analytics )
KM2 Trading Analytics Page
KM3 Performance Analytic Page
KM4 Keyword Performance Page ( individual)
KM5 Keyword Checkout Page
KM6 Post Checkout Page
KM7 Dialog Boxes (Place Bid/Buy Now/Set Ask/Accept Bid/Slabs)


App Market

AM1 Default Page ( Apps List)
AM2 Widgets Page
AM3 Favourite App Manager Page
AM4 App independent page

Settings & Preferences

ST1 Profile Page
ST2 Notification Preferences Page
ST3 2FA/ Security Page
ST4 Privacy Settings Page
ST5 Currency Display Preference Page
ST6 Time Zone Preference Page

AD Program


ADP1 Default Page
ADP2 Create Campaign Page
ADP3 Manage Campaign Page
ADP4 Campaign Analytics Page
ADP5 Transactions Page (invoices)
ADP6 Archived
ADP7 Manage Creatives
ADP8 Terms of Use


SP1 Default Page (faqs / Create Ticket)
SP2 Active Ticket Page
SP3 Ticket History